Managing packages

How to install packages, manage repositories, …

Installing a package

To install a package with luet, simply run:

$ luet install <package_name>

Uninstalling a package

To uninstall a package with luet, simply run:

$ luet uninstall <package_name>

Upgrading the system

To upgrade your system, simply run:

$ luet upgrade

Searching a package

To search a package:

$ luet search <regex>

To search a package and display results in a table:

$ luet search --table <regex>

To look into the installed packages:

$ luet search --installed <regex>

Note: the regex argument is optional

Search output

Search can return results in the terminal in different ways: as terminal output, as json or as yaml.


$ luet search --json <regex>


$ luet search --yaml <regex>


$ luet search --table <regex>

Last modified October 4, 2021 : Update (ead172e)