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Container Package Manager

Luet uses Container technologies ( Docker, img ) to build packages. It provides an abstraction over the Dockerfile format introducing relation and versioning of images.

SAT Solver

Luet uses SAT Solving techniques to compute the dependencies graph. This allows to refer to docker images by using semver constraints.

No Relational db is involved.

Contributions welcome!

If you like to play with code, check out our issues that are marked as “good first issue” and open a Pull Request on GitHub. New users are always welcome, and have fun!

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Use container abstraction to define your package repositories

Releasing is not anymore a nightmare

You can carefully pick now dependencies to make your release - release composed of container images or either of a set of packages

Package Management

Build, ship and delivery your software. Faster

0 dep installer

When Luet is used as installer, it has zero dependencies.

Your system can’t break anymore

Reconstruct images

Thanks to its SAT core, Luet can reconstruct images defined by dependencies and version constraints.

Building a de-facto tree of container images